Round Camellia Clutch with Chain

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  1. 6F422617-57C5-45FE-862D-CC1BD83D999C.jpeg
    I recently purchased this bag from a consignment store. Anyone know what year/collection it is from? Is it lambskin/calfskin/goatskin?

    All the photos I found online have an extra “dangle” that mine doesn’t have. Is It because it’s from a different collection? Many thanks!


  2. If you asked the consignment store that you bought it from, at the minimum, they should known what the leather is.

    This is from the 19B collection and it is goatskin.

    The ball dangling from the chain is very cute and this is a seasonal piece.

    I hope you enjoy your bag as you sound unsure about your purchase.
  3. Hello! Thank you for your reply! The person I bought it from originally said it was goatskin but then later said it was lambskin when I questioned why the dangle piece is missing... She said that it’s a different series/material and that this series didn’t come with the dangle.

    I have not been able to find any photos of this bag without the dangle so I wanted to make sure she wasn’t mistaken.
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  4. The one in your first Pic is LAMBSKIN and from 19P. The other is 19B and is Goatskin.
  5. Thank you so much! Do you know if it’s normal for the 19P one to not have the dangle piece like the 19B one has?
  6. Honestly have no idea, I've never had much interest in this style. I just know material/ when it came out because I have the SLGS from that season. You could start by looking for more pics. Try the shopping section and look for the Spring Act I thread or even the Stock thread start back around January, you may find more pictures.
  7. As far as I know, only the 19B goatskin pieces came with the additional dangling charm. I saw that on the WOC and on the Round clutch with chain. The leather of the 19B goatskin is actually iridescent and comes in a shimmery pink, navy, and dark gray charcoal (the one shown in your 3rd and 4th pic above).

    Yours looks like it is calfskin or lambskin, hence not the 19B iridescent goatskin. Lallybelle is probably right that it is from 19P.
  8. I think it’s normal not to have the dangle as I have the woc version from the same period and that doesn’t have the dangle, but the current camelia WOCs do have it now.

  9. Thank you both!!
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  10. This is pretty. I picked up the O Case a few months ago. Not sure if is lamb or goatskin.
  11. Okay, so the one you have does not have the dangling charm. This means you purchased the lambskin one which is not from the 19B collection.