round bowling pics

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  1. i can't remember who was asking for photos of this style but i think (fingers crossed) i finally figured out how to use our digital camera and post so here they are...hope this helps!
    bowling 001.JPG bowling 003.JPG bowling 004.JPG
  2. hey nycmom!! thanks for helping me out~!!! and of course thanks for pm'ing me to let me know~ can you please post some modelling pix? thanks!
  3. my pleasure! i'm in the middle of dealing with homework and then off to take my son to tae kwon do but i'll try to get an action shot later tonite...
  4. Wow, really kinda reminds me of my Chloe Betty without the extra pockets, super cute!
  5. a couple of quickies...and my daughter insisted on getting in on the action...
    chanel 001.JPG chanel 002.JPG l 004.JPG l 005.JPG
  6. and lola yes it definitely reminds me of my bettys too!
  7. omg! your daughter is too cute!!! i was gonna say those straps are LONG!! lolx.. tht's before i read that its your daughter posing for us~
  8. thanks! she insisted on joining in and once i saw how my own shots came out i decided to share hers too since they were so much better (i obviously haven't quite mastered the mirror pics yet)...:lol:
  9. [​IMG]


    This bag is lovely:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  10. thanks celia! :heart:

    p.s. your son is adorable!
  11. I really like your bag, thanks for sharing the photos!
  12. Great bag, love the leather on it!
  13. thank you gacats & dd101! :flowers: