Round and round - which is your favorite?


Which round bag is best?

  1. Papillon Mono

  2. Papillon Damier

  3. Vernis Bedford

  4. Epi Soufllot

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I'm feeling the need for a round bag, based on what is currently available which would you choose and why?
  2. i have the epi soufflot in black..i love it cuz it's a great casual bag and very versatile to a dressy bag too! i like that the zipper opens on the side too so that you can open it really wide and see what's inside and you won't scratch your hands on the zipper too.
  3. I do love the soufflot, but my very favorite color is the ivory and I have a bag that color already. The black is gorgeous too.
  4. I always love Vernis - so thats my vote :smile:
  5. Vernis is my new favorite
  6. I'm leaving toward the bedford in amarante, I think it will look gorgeous when the leather turns dark too. So is the bedford the only one that does not come with the little accessories pouch inside? That makes me sad. I keep thinking the papillion is the most durable so maybe I should be practical... nah! :p
  7. epi and mono are my favorites
  8. I voted for the Soufflot. It looks great hand-carry or on the shoulder, holds a decent amount, comes in great colors, and the opening is much more "giving" than the Papillon or Bedford. I have two Soufflots and lvoe 'em!
  9. Soufflot!!
  10. I voted monogram because I have it and love it!!
  11. Ahhh, tough choice between the Vernis Bedford and Epi Soufllot .... :push:

    I think in the end I'd get a Vernis Bedford.
  12. Vernis because it looks like candy.
  13. Vernis is always glamorous and chic looking, but the epi sufflot is always more formal and buisnessy.
  14. i choose the damier becuase it seems the most versatile and you don't have to worry about the vachetta! mono is too common imo, bedford I hear is hard to get in and out of, and epi I'm just not a huge fan of..hth!
  15. Damier Papilion!

    I use mine mostly for work and its a great professional look! :yes: