Round 3 TPF Beauty Box Reveal Thread!!

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  1. Okay, the first box is off to ShkBass! Let's post all pictures and gab here. :biggrin:

    Reminder on the list:

    Just a little move - novella is leaving at the end of the month, and asked Beenie if it was okay to be #2 which gracious Beenie accepted....but everything else is right on track!
  2. :yahoo:
  3. I cannot wait to see the first reveal! Come on box, get to ShkBass!

    Since this is my first time participating in this, can anyone tell me what you do to wrap things that has worked in the past? I mean, I know the obvious, but wasn't sure if anyone did anything out of the ordinary or special.
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    This is soooo exciting! Can't wait to see a reveal :yahoo:

    Ques: I mentioned to my friend that I was participating in this and she asked if she could grab some stuff too when the box comes...she would of course contribute from her own things as well. I said I would ask...don't want break any rules.
  5. ^ That's what a lot of people have done. It's a good idea because the box is almost always STUFFED.
  6. ^^ Great!!! Thanks
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    I'm anticipating the box. The day I get it, I promise with pics and list :smile:
    I'm on a time crunch myself, so the box will be shipped out the very next day, or maybe even the same day :smile:
  8. Yay! It has started!! This was so much fun last round, with so many goodies! Can't wait!!:woohoo::yahoo:
  9. I love these threads! They are so fun to watch haha.
  10. Last night I had a dream that I received the box... so disappointed when I woke up :lol:
  11. First time for me!! I cannot wait!!
  12. I'm a newby too, so excited to see all the goodies!
  13. I am new too and can't wait to see whats in the box!!
  14. The Box is here! I just went through everything and had so much fun. I'm trying to put everything back in with my new items and the box won't shut hahaha. So I have to repack and try to get everything in there safely.
    PICS soon to come.
  15. Paging Novella - can you send me your address. I will be shipping out Monday morning.