Roulis weight and input?

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  1. Would someone please let me know the weight of a Roulis? I am interested in this design, the leather being offered is Veau butler with contrasting interior. I would also appreciate your feedback and review on the usefulness for everyday rather than occasional use. Is it heavier than a bolide 31?

    Thanks in advance!:biggrin:
  2. So pleased you posted this! I'm considering the roulis as well-love the design (online images only) but I have a Verrou chain on order so not sure if I should wait until that comes before deciding! Look forward to hearing everyone's thoughts!
  3. Lanit, I have a Roulis but it is sombrero, do you think the weight would be comparable? If so, I'll weigh it for you.
    I love this bag for everyday use, easy in and out, secure flap, handy outside pocket on the back...two strap lengths and the shorter one can go over my shoulder too. And under the radar.
  4. Lanit and Princessmaggie, I weighed my Roulis on my kitchen scale and it is one pound eight ounces. I don't have a Bolide to compare.
  5. I'm not sure if this will help. I have a roulis in Clemence but only 31 bolides in boxcalf and chamonix. I find the Clemence bolides very heavy each time I try them on.
  6. Thank you both!

    My bolide 31 is chevre so very light as bolides go, I don't have a kitchen scale. I wonder of butler is heavier than sombrero though,

    Does this mean you are both pleased with the weight and functionality?
  7. Is the Clemence Roulis heavier than your bolides?
  8. Kate, would you say that it weighs the same as an Evi or heavier given that it is lined in leather. Is yours lined in swift or chèvre?
  9. I just weighed my Clemence 31 bolide with the strap and it weighed 788 grams / 1.74 pounds / 27.8 oz.
  10. I love my Roulis. But don't expect to get as much stuff in it as you would in a 31 bolide.
  11. Lanit, I am afraid I am not much help, don't have an Evie and never even lifted one,sorry. I believe my Roulis is lined in chèvre.
    The Featherfactor blog has some good photos of the inside and outside of the bag.
  12. Hi Lanit! Although I don't own a Roulis, Evylene or anything in Sombrero leather, I do own a mini Plume, Calvi and Bastia in natural Butler leather. IMO this is a lightweight leather, similar to my mini Plume in Box, and I adore it! I have read here that some feel it is fragile, but I have not found that to be the case. However, I also love Barenia and don't mind the aging process. Hope this helps!
  13. Your replies are helpful Kate. I will try one out and see if the weight is ok fir me. I don't carry much these days and it would be lovely to have a bag that is casual but polished looking for work or going out occasionally. I love my plumes and Halzan, but often I'd like a bag that has just a bit of structural detailing to it.

    Thanks Broadway. I don't carry much so this is not a concern.

    I adore Barenia and just hope the butler will patina slightly in a similar manner! Would you please post a photo of your butler items for us? Would love to see how it wears, and if there is a patina it develops eventually?
  14. Lanit, my bag with full size wallet, sunnies, keys, iPhone and room to spare.

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  15. Wonderful,Kate - thanks. Does the toggle ever slip out when being worn ? I like that it can be worn cross body or shorter under the arm? Does it fit cross body okay?