Rouille V Rouille !!

  1. Just to let you all know there seems to be a bit of a mix up with Rouille 06 and Rouille 07/08.

    I ordered a Rouille from Aloha Rag which arrived at the beginning of the week but I have been sent an 06 bag not a current season one. I emailed them and this is their reply. I know this has happened to someone else too (not from Aloha Rag) so be careful when you order Rouille from anyone.

    "Thank you for your email. We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    For the City, we did not have any ‘06 Rouille left over in stock and the bag we sent you was recently delivered by Balenciaga with all of our other 07 fall/winter bags. We looked at all of the Rouille City that were delivered to us and all of the tags had ‘06 written on them. So we are contacting Balenciaga right now to see what happened and will contact you as soon as we know anything.

    If we find out that the bag is indeed from the ‘06 season, of course we will accept your return and will pay for having the bag shipped back.

    Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and if you have any further questions, please let us know.

    Aloha Rag Customer Support "
  2. A total reason to buy from Aloha Rag. They handled that well.
  3. Yes they did. I was really impressed. x
  4. The other person this happened to actually ordered her bag from BalNY! It seems to me that if they still have '06 Rouille left at Bal, maybe the time to make another very similar shade is not now.

    As much as I like Rouille, if their own staff is mixing up the two years' colours, then that's too similar...
  5. To be honest I actually really like the bag they have sent me so I will probably end up keeping it. Like you say they must be really similar in colour so I dont know if I want to go to all the hassle of sending it back and maybe even not liking the new one as much. Oh decisions, decisions!! But it will be interesting to see what Balenciaga has to say.
  6. Last year I fell in love with + bought a Rouille Twiggy from Neimans. Also (unfortunately) wanted a City Rouille and ended up with a crappy FAKE from eBay. I thought the leather was downright edible, but others have said the '06 rouille leather wasn't very good. But I liked it.
  7. I've been thinking of getting a rouille lately...but the picture that AR sent me doesn't look too wrinkle and soft...wondering if the one you bought from them has the wrinkly, veiny, soft, marshmellowy feel....?
  8. They have sent me an 06 rouille which is shiny and quite wrinkly and veiny and not as thick as the leather on my 07 bags. It is lovely but I think I prefer the look of the 07 leather so after many sleepless nights I have decided to exchange the 06 for an 07 ( I hope this is the right decision!) :confused1:

    I am sure they will have pictures of the 06 rouille on their file so they would probably be able to send you a comparison picture if you email them. They are very helpful. Hope that helps.
  9. Is this not completely bizarre, that Aloha Rag would be receiving a NEW shipment of '06 bags from BALENCIAGA?? This same thing also happened to BalNY!

    Balenciaga has some explaining to do !!!
  10. FYI, I think the two Rouille's are IDENTICAL.

    The new 07 leather is more matte, but I honestly loved mine much better. I think the leather on my 06 is slightly glossier with a bit more character.

    Here is a pic of the new F/W 07 "Paprika" at NM on the left and my 06 Rouille on the right: