Rouille purse

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  1. wow, i love rouille & i love the purse, whatta great combination :love:
  2. Just as a side note, this seller is very reliable and knows her Balenciaga stuff... AND, she bought a Cornflower first from meeeee so she's got great taste in Bbags :supacool:
  3. That Rouille Purse is gorgeous!:heart:
  4. I've never dealt with paying customs before. About how much would customs charges be and how does that work, i.e. does the post office hold the item and you have to pay customs to get the item? Sorry to be so clueless on this....How does this work?
  5. benr, here is the definitive website on customs in the US: Internet Purchases -

    i didn't get charged by customs at all when i got my b-bag from the UK, but maybe some of the other ladies will pipe in with their experiences.
  6. Hi Jen!
    Thanks for posting this. Great information to have.
  7. Thanks so much for the info Jennifer! I never knew much about this.
  8. Oh my! What a gorgeous bag! This is my first time seeing the combo of rouille in a Purse style!