Rouille/Paprika Coin Purse

  1. :wlae: I stopped by at Bal-NY this afternoon and left with a paprika coin purse. They also have tomato, ocean, anthracite and another color that I forgot (sorry!).

    I looove it! I was torn between the paprika and tomato for a couple of minutes and decided to get the paprika. :yahoo: (I have a feeling I will come back for a tomato or/and ocean :graucho:)

    Here are a few pictures to share. Enjoy.

    with camera flash -


    natural light -


    with vert d'eau and amarante ludlow -

  2. What a great color :heart:!! Congrats :tup: yay we both got coin purses today :yahoo:
  3. cute! what the leather like on the rouilles? It's so hard to tell from photos. I love this color!
  4. OMG! Love it!!! :heart:

    I want a coin purse soooo badly!!!!
  5. Love it! The color is beautiful........I love coins, I think I need another one. Thanks for sharing.
  6. The color is awesome! I love your coin purse - so cute!
  7. Gorgeous! I am on the waitlist for one of those at BNY. I wonder why I haven't recieved a phone call yet...

    Also, it seems pretty bright. How would you describe it? More orange/red or noticeable orange?
  8. Really lovely!
  9. Very cute. :pCongrats:yahoo:
  10. Thank you ladies! This is silly but I can't stop looking at her lol. :love:

    alisonanna, the leather is really soft and squishy!

    circoit, Maybe they just arrived today? Because I called a couple of hours before I went to Bal-NY and I was told that they only have anthracite and tomato coin purses so I was already thinking of getting the tomato but she showed me 5 colorways instead. Its not really that bright at all. I'd say more like dark orangey. No tone of red at all!

    Here's a picture without a camera flash -

  11. Wow, great pics of paprika. I have been very excited to see some photos from PFers. It is a much prettier orange than I had originally thought.
  12. I love the color congrats!!!
  13. WOW, i loves it. i just bought 2 coin craving another :love:
  14. ^^Oooo! What color coinpurses' did you get lothlorien :heart: (sorry if I missed this posted in another thread).

    I seriously think i'm going to break my purse ban for a coinpurse. --> It's little, so it doesn't right?<----
  15. Oooooh..I love it!!!