Rouille - Not for the Fainthearted

  1. Okay, so i've was so freakin' undecided about what color Work bag to go with. I bought a deep grey, then changed it to grenat, and still couldn't love it, and finally got the Rouille.

    Holy crap, it is a really bold color. It's definitely a rust orange, but you can see that there's red and pink tones to it.

    I have a rouge theatre first from last year, so i couldn't do another red, and i don't have a color like the Rouille. It's a beautiful color!!!!! I think I finally found the bold, distinct, yet versatile color I've been looking for. Don't get me wrong, grenat is beautiful, but I think I got bored of the color-scheme b/c i had a bordeaux shrug before.

    Does anyone have the rouille in any style bag? i saw a rouille twiggy pic, but honestly, the color's depth and boldness looks nothing like that. I started using it right away here in NYC, and ladies, i was getting stopped by other ladies commenting on what a beautiful color bag i was holding. i never got stopped before with any other b-bag (i do looooove my ink though), so i'm happy with the color!!

    any other pictures i can see of the rouille?
  2. i love rouille too... its one of my favorite colors ever. I love orangey-reds, yellow-greens, green-browns... off warm colors.
  3. I have a rouille hobo. I get a ton of compliments on it. I think it is actually a good neutral because it is not bright. I will try and post a pic tonight.
  4. I think CeeJay also have the rouille work (not sure). I would looove to see pics of yours, babyhart! It sounds soooo beautiful! :love:
  5. woooooooooo-whooooooooooo, welcome to the rouille club :yahoo:...below are photos of my beloved rouille first :love:
  6. wicked - love the rouille club link. totally agree with a lot of the comments there, photos don't do justice to the color's depthness. and even i had the same question for the SA if it would look good with black, not too halloweeny. luckily, the mannequins were wearing all black since it's almost fall so i had a chance to hold it up against an all dark outfit, and it looked good. not too pumpkin.
  7. i think it's one of the most beautiful b-bag colors ever & it makes me soooooooooooooooooo incredibly happy whenever i wear it :tender:
  8. I don't own a Rouille, but while in BH last week I saw a pregnant woman with a Rouille work walking down the street, and it just looked absolutely stunning! It made me want to get one in Rouille! It is such a gorgeous color, and looks like it gets even better with time!
  9. I am a Rouille Twiggy carrying member, and I love it. Just seeing her pop out of her dustbag makes me smile. I love it and how versatile it is. Tried it with a springy/ grassy green yet?? Fabulous!!

    I wish you well,

  10. Has anyone seen a rouille makeup or shoulder clutch anywhere? I've been kind of obsessing over this color... I remember when it first started showing up, everyone was saying it was way too bright, didn't go with anything, really hard to wear, etc. - I love that it's turning out to be a bold versatile color!
  11. I almost purchased a rouille bag earlier this year. Such a pretty color! Very fall!
  12. Which Rouille style you get? I have a Rouille City which is way beyond beautiful, vert stunning color.
  13. I have a Rouille first! I :heart: it! Don't think I would ever part with her.:tender:

    I must say though, I don't care for ALL rouille bags. My SA picked me the most gorgeous bag. The color is deep with alot of red to it...and believe it or not, it is like the 05 leather, no viens at all. I too can't wait for the fall. I wear it now but it feels more like a fall color to me.

  14. i got the rouille Work bag. i thought if i go bold, might as well go all out! the Barneys SA had only three left, so i chose the darkest and smoochiest of them. the leather is certainly not papery looking, very soft to the touch.

    for those who have owned the rouille for longer than me, does it go with all color schemes, or have you found a color that rouille doesn't go with?

    i'm a pregnant lady too, orchids, so i hope it's not cause of our altered hormones that we chose the rouille!! it's such a cool color. i kept it out to look at at night. looking at my clothes for color combo ideas.

    have any of the celebs who are bal-fans been wearing this color at all? i haven't seen anyone yet.