Rouille City Bags Have Arrived!

  1. My two rouille city bags arrived today...I know which one I will be keeping! :biggrin: That means navy Ramona and chocolate spy may be retired...we will see...I am still determined to keep my "collection" useable... I am very happy withmy new city! :yes:
    Rouille Balenciaga 001.jpg Rouille Balenciaga 004.jpg Rouille Balenciaga 002.jpg Rouille Balenciaga 003.jpg
  2. congratulations!! :smile:
  3. Congrats, SoCal! I am loving the rouille color. Are you going to keep both? Which do you prefer? I think I like the one on the right, but the posture has so much to do with how reflective they are. They both look yummy! Congrats!!!
  4. Wow I can't believe you got two. Love the color. Congrats!
  5. Thank you! I am keeping the one on the right. :yes:
  6. good choice! i was just about to say thats the one!
  7. Love the color! Congratulations!
  8. OMG, they're absolutely gorgeous, i :heart: the rouille soooooooooooooooo much!!!...i took mine out for the 1st time this weekend & am over the moon about it :smile:
  9. Where did you order those - they are great!
  10. Congrats on the twins! :biggrin:
  11. All, Thanks again!

    Shoegal, I received one from NM and the other from Barneys. I am going to return one to NM (I called 4 NM stores and was told by the SAs that rouille city bags were "sold out" at NM...the 5th store I called had one bag in stock).
  12. SoCal - yeah totally agree - the one on the right!!!! congrats!!!! :smile:
  13. YAYYYYY Rouille!!! :yahoo:

    Love the color and you're so lucky to have the option to choose the yummiest leather!!

    Congratulations & enjoy!!
  14. How did you decide which one to keep? Congrats.
  15. GOOD CHOICE! The right one is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! You must be so excited! :smile:
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