Rouille City at NM?

  1. Has anyone seen a Rouille/Rust Orange City at NM? If so, please share when and which store! Thanks soooooooo much for your help!
  2. San Francisco store had them about 2 weeks ago. Not sure if they are still there but you can give them a call at 415-362-3900. Oops--just checked the SF thread and as of 3 days ago the official B-bag spotter didn't see any rouille cities. You may want to call anyway because this store is notorious for hiding the cities in the back.
  3. Valerieb is right! I tried the one at the SF NM on, as a matter of fact. It was gorgeous leather, too!
  4. ^^ Thanks Kattie! How long ago did you see it?
  5. I'm going to Barney's Sat morning and will report back on inventory,
    that's where I got my Rouille city......
  6. I actually saw one at the NM Scottsdale (Scottsdale Fashion Square) when I bought my Ink City there last weekend. The SA that I had was Jesse Kopischke - he was very nice. Their phone number is 480-990-2100 - you may want to call and check if they still have them there. They had just gotten Balenciaga apparently and they didn't have all of their stock on the floor either (I had to ask before they brought the Ink City out).
  7. ^^Thanks! I decided that since I'm not DEFINITELY sold on the style that I should not pay the shipping--I've been buying to many bags where I've paid for the shipping and not liked the bag--those little charges add up! So I put my SA on the hunt. I hope she gets the right bag in!!