1. wanting to share my newest addition, F/W 07 Rouille....:tup:

    what happen to ORANGE Club? i couldnt find it in the tPF..?
    Rouille.jpg up close-1.jpg up close-2.jpg
  2. AnnMok, congrats! Your Rouille work with SGH is a stunner. I love the color and the SGH goes so well with the orange. Enjoy!!!!
  3. OMG!! AnnMok, that is GORGEOUS!!!
  4. I love rouille! congrats and enjoy!
  5. Lovely!!

    You create an Orange club and I'll sign up! :tup:
  6. It's gorgeous! I love the color on the smooth, thick leather of 07. Congrats!
  7. It's so lovely! I've been waiting to see one. Do your photos depict the color pretty accurately? The color looks more intense than the Diabro photos. Congratulations!
  8. congrats ANN! it's beautiful! I really love the SGH! :heart:
  9. oooh rouille pops!! congrats!!
  10. OMG! Your Rouille Work is really GORGEOUS!!! :drool::tup::love:
  11. Dear all... thank you for the replies, and MandB, the color is slightly lighter in real life. I was using natural light in the morning when i took the pics.
    I also got a chance to compare with WORK in TOMATO (with GGH), and the finishing is completely different. My Rouille is not as shiny as that particular TOMATO.

    i guess, the color & finishing of Balenciaga bags varies, although from the same season...:confused1:
  12. [​IMG]
  13. Oh, AnnMok, that is really TDF!!!
  14. Thanks!
  15. HOW pretty!!! :tup: