Rouille and Rouge VIF -- who has both??

  1. Hi there. I'm now considering getting a Rouge VIF-something and I already have a Rouille First. I'm wondering if anyone has both of these colours, and if so, do you have a hard time deciding which to carry!?

    Thanks! :flowers:
  2. LOL! Judging by the number of responses (0), I think my question has been answered.
  3. I personally don't have either colors but I've seen the rouille in the stores and the vif in other ladies' pics and I feel like it's what indigo '05 is to blueberry '06. It's the undertones that make them different to some degree. They both have their own unique quality but I would not personally own an indigo and a blueberry.. but that's just me trying to own as many different colors as I can (except eggplant.. my weakness, i have two, three at one point)! If I did, I'd probably rotate them each time I decided to carry a b-bag. Rouille one day, vif the next and so on. I would think they would both go with similar colors since they are not terribly far apart from each other on the color scheme. I'd definitely get it in a different style. Nothing wrong with a girl owning similar colors but in diff. styles!

    Just my $0.02 :flowers:
  4. I have the Rouille Work as well as the Rouge Vif First ... see pics below:
    2006 Spring - Rouille Work - BESTwtmk.jpg 2006 Fall - Rouge Vifwtmk.jpg 2006 Spring Rouille - FLASH - BESTwtmk.jpg
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