Rouille and blueberry weekenders are here!

  1. Alright, I got home and two boxes are in the hall way waiting for me. My Rouille and Blueberry weekenders are here!

    Rouille weekender leather is amazingly squishy and softer than I imagined. I have seen Rouille work and the tassles are so spongy and leather is papery. But this weekender is just like my Rouille city,soft,less shiny and not flashy orange,it is more dark orange red.Tassels are flat and tight,not spongy at all.

    Blueberry is pretty ,the color is TDF,but when you toucht he blueberry,you feeel the rough surface while when you touch Rouille, it is smooth.

    Here they are.I just used my new Canon SD700 to play around with it. Are they both keepers or just keep one? which one? I am soo overwhelmed...:yahoo::wlae:
    weekender_blueberry.JPG weekender_blueberry1.JPG weekender_rouille.JPG weekender_rouille1.JPG
  2. gosh..... do you have to pick??? from the pics, i would say the blueberry, cause the back shot really shows the softness of the leather, it really looks fantastic..... but then, the other is pretty hot!

    i am no help.. but your new camera is fantastic,, great pics!!
    congrats!!!! when boxes arrive, its a great day!!
  3. omg!!! keep the blueberry! keep the blueberry!!!! :nuts: :nuts: i love the blueberry!!!! blueberry blueberry blueberry!!! woop woop!!! :wlae: 0o0o0o i wish i could jump through my computer screen and just touch the blueberry!!!! :graucho:
  4. mmm, i think both are great colors.
    i'd keep both, but if you have to choose one, the rouille is stunning!
  5. are soo funny. Have you got your blueberry work yet? The color is amazing beautiful. But when you touch the bag, you have kind of rough feeling, like tiny sand paper. While Rouille is soo smooth.:roflmfao:
  6. :shame: no i havent got my blueberry work yet :crybaby: i'm still waiting for THAT email/phone call from BalNY! i'm still waiting :wlae: hmmm, i guess its the dye thats making the blueberry rough - 0o0o but im sure after using it for awhile the leather will become all YUMMY!!!! :love: oh so dreamy!!!
    Chloe Concord - you've made my day!!! :tender:
  7. Chloe- Congrats!!! They are both such pretty colors! Why don't you give it a few days and see how you feel about them.
  8. that's your answer right there Chloe-girl :yes:...they're both gorgeous, but you should keep the one with the softer leather :tender:
  9. But Blueberry has such a pretty color...ugh...:hysteric: I am arguing with myself..heheh
  10. The Blueberry will get softer as time goes on; love that color.
  11. lol, i know the feeling Chloe-girl, because my 1st new b-bag of the season was a blueberry twiggy :girlsigh:...but as pretty as she was, i just wasn't digging the leather (stiff, thick & matte) i exchanged her for my lilac work (soft, smooshy & distressed):love:
    DSCF2201.JPG DSCF2956 REV2.jpg
  12. Lilac is pretty color. I have seen Lilac work and weekender, both are too shiny and tassels are spongy. I like to verdict the Bbags leather by lookig at the tassels are spongy or not.How funny is that.,:roflmfao:
  13. Oh. 'Bama, I have not seen your (or ANY for that matter) Blueberry Twiggy!!!!! It's TDF!!!!!!!!!

    Chloe, they are BOTH so pretty! I'd normally say Blueberry but I am a fan of Rouille, although I didn't think I'd like it in that size........but I DO!
  14. Congrats on your new bags! I would keep both but if I had to choose I would keep the bag with the softer leather.
  15. Congrats, Chloe!:yahoo: They are both beautiful! Hmm...I say go for the one with the nicer leather. :yes: