Rouille and Black my Halloween combo!

  1. :heart:Just wanted to share some pics of my newest additions! I love Rouille!! Such a pretty colour and it's my first twiggy, which is a great shape and size!! and the black city is my all time favourite BBAG. I don't know how I lived without her!:heart:
    Balblackcity1-copy.jpg Balrouilleandblack-copy.jpg Baltwiggyrouille-copy.jpg
  2. Oohhh lovely new addition!!!!

    love your black city too!
  3. I love both colors. Rouille is one of my favorite bal colors. I just got a black city this week, so of course, I love that one as well.
  4. I love rouille too! Looks great with the black. Love the halloween combo!:heart:
  5. I love the Rouille too and it is going to age beautifully. :yes: Love the combination, Congrats and enjoy.:love:
  6. I love the rouille! Its a great color! And you can never go wrong with black!
  7. :love: LOVE THOSE BAGS!!!!!!!!!!!:love: You have the best bags girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:heart:
  8. :heart: Thanks girls!! I love the leather on my Rouille, it's really soft and smooshy, it was a nice surprise, as you never know what the leather is like untill you get it! The black city is like no other BBag I have....the leather is unbelievable, so thick and soft....I never really understood how much the BBag leather has changed from year to year and each season untill she arrived!!:heart:
  9. OOOOH I love your new addition. It's really lovely. Looks great in that color.
  10. Great bags!!! A nice dark color and a brighter color--perfect!! Congrats!!
  11. cute!!! congrats :yes:
  12. Love your combo! Rouille is my all time fav color :yes: bbag.
  13. I hear ya, Addict...I, too, have been blessed with a Rouille Twiggy this year, and boy is she somethin' special.
  14. wow great pair :smile:
  15. um, for those who know: how would you compare rouille to 07 vermillion? they seem very close