rough SA & no heat stamp

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  1. Hi everyone! I found this forum recently and have been addicted ever since! :yahoo:This is my first post so I hope I’m posting in the right place…
    I found out about heat stamping via this forum recently so I decided to bring my wallet (mono canvas with coin pocket and 3 card slots) into the boutique (in San Diego) to get it done. Plus I was eyeing the black Epi speedy 30 so I wanted to check that out too :graucho:.
    After waiting around 10 minutes (the SAs were all busy chatting customers up, not actually showing bags… :sad:) an SA finally greeted me. I told her I wanted to get heat stamp and to look at the speedy. When I showed her my wallet, she made a face like “ew” and asked me “how long have you had your wallet?” and since I don’t remember… she then proceeded to look through my wallet, like seriously peeling it back, pulling it this way and that to look for the date stamp. I could not breathe the whole time she looked for the stamp b/c I was afraid my wallet would be ripped apart :wtf:! She was so rough!! Well I finally found out it was 2001 (how time flies!) and that they don’t heat stamp old products b/c it might damage the leather. I just want to know if that’s true in all your expert opinions about the heat stamp. And… am I over-reacting on the way she almost disfigured my wallet to find the date stamp :sad:??? How do your SAs treat your LV bags/accessories when you bring it in for heat stamp or maintenance?
    I’ve always gone with my mom to the boutique in Stanford shopping center in Palo Alto… and they’re all really sweet :yes:but when we go in it’s to make a purchase and not to bring it back for maintenance … anyone know a good SA in San Diego who can help me??
    Thank you so much!! Sorry it’s so long…:sweatdrop:
  2. Heat stamping is not that stressful to the leather (provided the person doing it is gentle), occasionally the color may not take to older surfaces, especially vachette. I would try another SA, probably the last SA's main concern was liability, i.e, if your old wallet was damaged by heat stamping they would have to replace it for a new one...but still, she should have been nicer to you
  3. from my exprience, there is nothing wrong with heat stamping a used piece provided it done with care, plus if you are worried about color running or if color running would bother you on most pieces the tone on tone (no color) is BEAUTIFUL.
  4. Ouch, sorry to hear the rough SA. Maybe try another SA or call 1800/other store and enquire about it?

    Regarding the Heat Stamp, I have heard that they are not doing old items.
    for 1, the color will not stick as well as the newer items. So the stamping color will fall off.
    and 2, occasionally, I've heard it will damage the leather..

    but like napa007 said, I think it's the main reason is if they damaged your wallet during stamping (which it's not that unlikely), they will have to replace a new one for you.
  5. I think that was rude of her, but I guess she doesn't love LV like we do!!!! I would say try another store and see what they say, you might even call the 1866vuitton# and see what they say about heat stamping an older piece!
  6. thank you napa007, wigglytuff, swalk, and corie for all your valuable input! i will call 866vuitton to ask...

    i was planning to do tone on tone heat stamp so i wouldn't have to worry about colour leaking.... but now maybe i'll just wait for my next accessories piece to do the heat stamp, i really like my wallet =)

    anyways, THANK YOU to everyone! ;) i :heart: this forum!