Rough insole in my JimmyChoo anouk

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  1. Bought my first pair of Choo from their online store as they don't have this colour in Aus. Received my first pair, obviously got some problem with the insole, exchanged and got my new pair today. It looks a lot better than the last one, but.. Still.. I don't know if the size matter, as i'm wearing size 35..

    Should i accept it? Or should i keep dealing with their CS? Anyone got the same problem?



  2. I would send them back. These shoes are expensive and should be perfect! I have never seen this defect in a new pair of Choos!
  3. What you were saying is exactly what i thought. By the time i unbox, i do expect a nice perfect pair of Choo in front of me, well, at least not a pair of rough insole. I was keep thinking am i being a perfectionist in this scenario, that's why i post it on here, to see what people think.

    The CS of Choo replied me, saying they do check with their shoes on online store, however the last pair of my size, the insole is rough as well, and he asked me if i still wanna get an exchange or refund. Eventually i decided to keep my shoes, as i can't see the condition of another one, and i do really love this red anouk.

    Hopfully, they will be aware of this issue as, yes, they are expensive, which shouldn't be happen; once is ok, but not few.
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