ROUGH Elbows! HELP!!!

  1. My elbows are HORRIBLE. They are so dry and scaly. If I rub my hand over the elbow, it hurts because it pulls the dry skin. It's so bad, that even after I shower - the elbows are still so dark and icky. I don't know what else to do. Besides, of course, visit a dermatologist. Any ideas you can throw my way?
  2. Obviously honey ur not using any kind of creams on ur elbow...
    u should make a daily routine after taking showr use Johnson baby oil or lotion .. it would take time .. but will help to reduce the roughness..
    there are lad of creams to use....
    it shouldnt be sooo expensive to do the job...even vasline would be good..
    ther is Jergens for rough skin.. its goood

    if it didnt work 4 u... u should go to the dermatogosit... may be its not dryness....

    gooooood luck
  3. You could try Aquaphor, it is available at most pharmacies, is fairly cheap and works wonders.
  4. You need to put lotion on your elbows. Preferablly a thick one if you tend to put your elbow on the table/desk and put your head in your hand.
  5. You could use a pumice sponge (that you use on your feet). Also cut a lemon in half and rest your elbows in them for about 10 minutes, it sounds strange but it will lighten up you elbows. Use a heavy moisturizer at night and cream during the day and when you get out of the bath or shower. If you keep using cream all the time, they will get better.
  6. Use a body buffer {that meshy thingamajig} everytime you shower, use it on your elbows, knees and the tops of your feet.
    I actually keep my lotion in the shower so that I can pat dry and then apply lotion all over.
    Lotion absorbs better when you're just out of the shower.
    Never miss a day, always put a little lotion on those 3 spots!
    Honestly, after one or two showers of exfoliating and moisturizng, it should be pretty much gone.
    Also, try not to rest your elbows on the table/desk, it dries them out I've noticed.
  7. ^ hmm.. that's actually a good idea swanky, keeping moisturizer in the shower. I might try that!
  8. ^^^off topic, but Danica -- that's an awesome pic of you in your avatar!
  9. Hi fendifashion....I just wanted to tell you that your elbows sound like my heels about a month ago. I bought this cream from Target called Lamisilk (comes in a purple tub) overnight moisture barrier. It truly worked a miracle...within a couple of days...I could feel a difference, and within 2 weeks...I had soft feet!! I think it is meant for feet, but I don't see why you couldn't use it on your is just a very thick cream. I have used all kids of lotions...and this is by far the BEST that I have ever tried.
  10. I use a meshy-scrubbee-thing in the shower and right after I get out and dry off I apply this awesome lotion by Frederick Fekkai, I forget what it's called but I think it's got shea butter in it and it smells good--not perfume-y, just sort of natural. Anyway, my elbows are smooth and soft as a baby's butt! For feet, it sounds kind of gross but I, in despair over my intractable callouses, bought this callous shaver-thingy at Sephora (I think it's made by Tweezerman) and started using it 1-2 times a week right after I showered. It's a miracle! Callouses gone! Heels smooth!