Rough diamonds

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  1. I was flipping through a magazine, and saw a necklace from Tiffany's that mixed cut with rough diamonds. It looked rather interesting but the photo was too small. I find the concept quite interesting but I've never seen a rough diamond jewellery in real life, so I was wondering if anyone on this forum had any pieces to share. Diamond fans and collectors, what do you think? Would you add a rough diamond piece to your collection?
  2. i've seen photos in Vogue and Bazzar for pieces set with rough diamonds. Personally,
    there is nothing as beautiful as a perfectly cut, brilliant and polished diamond.
    Unless, of course you have soooo many you just want a change LOL!
  3. I think it is just a fad and you'll probably see these go away within a year or two.
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    I am a big fan of organic handmade jewelry and I think rough diamonds are georgeous.
    Check out this designer
    she has more rough diamond stuff in the store than on the website, but there's a pair of earrings in "delicate" that are really pretty
  5. I googled "rough diamonds" and found Diamond In the Rough, sold at Neiman and Bergdorf. They've got pretty pieces but wow, the prices are diamond-esque!
  6. i like them (of course dependedn on the design and the actual stones etc) they are unusal and different but i would say those are pieces to buy once you a.) wither have everything else or b. just like the look soo much that it is better to you than any ohter type of jewellery
  7. I'm a swayer on rough diamonds, i doubt i'll ever buy one though. If i had one i would kill myself wanting to crack it open and see whether i've got a flawless or a dud, i wouldn't be able to deal with the unknown LMAO! it's like a kindersuprise
  8. A rought diamond dosnt look any more spectacular that something like quartz crystal, but it has a much much higher price tag. For me, the allure of diamonds is their sparkle and the way they catch the light (and other peoples eyes). =)
  9. Marketing ploy to sell icky stones at high cost.
  10. There was a thread about this awhile back.. I think the general consensus is that tpf'ers like the blingy diamonds, not rough ones. I think the natural stone pieces are gorgeous, though. I don't think they're meant to replace e-rings. It's just supposed to be something different.. which it is :shrugs:
  11. I bought a necklace in rough diamond in Neiman Marcus! Although I loved it but it wasn't sparkling much but I might end up going back and rebuy it since I miss it so much. It has a very unique look and looks very different from other diamond necklaces I have.
  12. I love them.

  13. Hey, I thought that was what black and 'chocolate' diamonds were for!
  14. definitely a different look -- i really like it
  15. YES - anything to make them sound pretty or delicious so people buy them. It is all marketing.