Rouge_Vif City; SB $899!!!!!!

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  1. Retail is $1195 USD.
  2. thank you! I need to do some research on the different styles, the different years, the prices, etc. I live in Cincinnati, and there are no shops here that sell B-Bags. I'll review the Balenciaga section here. :yes:
  3. This is my bag. If you have questions, please let me know. I bought it from Neimans SF. I also have a Hayden Harnett hobo and a Rebecca Minkoff tote for sale with the same consignment company. All three are in great shape and priced far below retail. Trying to pay off Christmas bills.

  4. Gorgeous back at a great price! It's really a buyer's market for bbags on eBay right now, someone should grab this.
  5. I have the same bag and it's really gorgeous. A complete show stopper! :love: You should get it! :graucho: