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  1. I just got back from my vacation and stopped off at Van Ravenstein (Amsterdam) to oogle--didn't buy anything--but they have some Rouge left and I seem to recall that before I left, someone was looking for Rouge? If you still are, you might want to contact them.
  2. Thanks Susan-Eric. I think that was me. They said they had a rouge hobo, did they have any other rouge bags?
  3. Thanks, susan-eric! I am dying for a rouge purse and I posted a "Desperately Seeking: Rouge Purse" thread here a while back (before the Marketplace went up). Thanks for thinking of me.

    Offhand, do you remember seeing a rouge purse in there?
  4. Oops, sorry Angstofgumby, I thought she was referring to my post - although I only posted about the rouge a couple of days ago so must have been yours! I spoke to Linda there on Friday and I'm sure she said she had the hobo (think I'm going to get it) and Susan-Eric said she saw a first. I'm going to go up on Saturday so I can look for you.
  5. No problem, Cal. Susan-Eric said "before I left" so I figured that she was talking about me. I've mentioned my quest for a rouge purse here a number of times (it's my #1 dream b-bag!) and I thought she was remembering my mentions.

    Thanks for offering to look for me. I will probably try and give them a call, as I have been madly looking for this bag for several months. Do you know if they ship to the US?

    ETA: Your new avatar is darling.
  6. They shipped to me for €10, but I'm in another part of Holland. I can send it on to you if you like (promise I won't use it)
  7. You're a doll, Cal. Let me call them to see if they have it. This is a silly question I'm sure, but they do speak English, right?
  8. Yep, they all speak English. I just PM'd you. The bags are much cheaper here so if you ever want anything I'm more than happy to send it on (I literally live 30m from a post office!)
  9. bertie blue has a rouge twiggy up.
  10. Thanks, winona. I am only looking for the rouge in the purse style.
  11. ok I'll keep my roving eyes peeled for a purse.
    i'm also looking for a rouge first. ;)
  12. cricket still has the rouge classique and city;)
  13. Unfortunately, Cricket doesn't update their site very often. They are sold out of the rouge city, but might still have the first. (I emailed them about two weeks ago.)
  14. I don't remember seeing any Purses on display at all. But, I don't think they had their entire stock on display, as it was a pretty small selection. There was also a First in black and also in a very pale purple--lilac, perhaps? (I'm not totaly familiar with all the lighter colors.)