Rouge Vif

  1. Hi Ladies,

    Just wondering if anyone knew if the rouge vif is available at Bal NY yet??? ALSO, if i buy it and have it shipped to sf, is there tax???
  2. I believe they do have it, not sure what styles they have it in though... And no there's no tax if you get it shipped to sf or anywhere outside NY state :smile:
  3. I don't know if they have received the city yet. They do (or did have) the rouge in first (I think), twiggy, and work.
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  5. Hello
    Are you sure that we do not need to pay the tax if they ship to outside NY state? I live in Boston, why they said i have to pay the tax. Thanks a lot!!
  6. the only balenciaga store in America is in nyc, so you shouldn't pay sales tax unless you live in new york state.
  7. They shouldn't charge the tax if you live in Boston unless they change their policy. I live in CA & I don't need to pay the sales tax.
  8. Thanks for replying me!!
    This good news sounds great to me.I think I can call them tomorrow and check this again. I can't wait to buy my second one balenciaga. Thanks again^_^
  9. OHH yaeeee.....since the price totally went up, not paying sales tax rocks. :smile:
  10. BNY has the first and work in stock. they refer to it as "fire engine red".
  11. What happens if you physically buy it in NY but are a tourist from overseas? Can you get the bags tax=free then?
  12. I think you can if you ship it home. :smile:
  13. Can't you get the taxes back at the airport if you show your receipts? That what I did when I was in NY.
  14. Yes, you are correct ... however, if you declare it - you will be assessed customs duties in your home country.
  15. They charged me sales tax by mistake the first time I ordered from them, but when I checked back with them, they refunded it. As long as you get it shipped outside of NY state, they shouldn't charge you sales tax.