Rouge VIF & Violet CP - So cheap

  1. I would jump on that Violet CP but she only ships to the UK!
  2. Hey Amiekbs8, she does ship intl, (extract from her auction):
    "[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]The purse will be sent via Royal Mail Special Delivery within the UK for £5.00. Please contact me before purchasing for international shipping costs as this will be higher :smile:"[/FONT]
  3. Woops! I missed that! Oh's better this way, I'm aiming to try and get all of my Bal wishlist by January! :nuts: Patience is not my virtue!
  4. LOL!
    I noticed we have the same wishlist: Tomato SGH Day! :nuts:

    Lets motivate each other not to digress buying others than our wishlist :nuts:
  5. Oohh this was the seller who listed an AG mini twiggy, but the watermark on her pics was another username. She explained it by saying she was selling it for her daughter too, but I've been burnt before, so stayed away from that auction. The CP were a good deal though!
  6. ^Ooooh that is a no-no! Good thing we all abstained!

    And oh yes, aki_sato! Let's be strong! I saw some Tomato SGH Days at BalNY but they were the bottom of the barrel, poopy leather with uneven dying and such. :throwup: so I'm just keeping my ears chirped!
  7. This seller you mean Jadeleaves that you've been burnt?

    Sorry to hear it happened to you! :yucky:
  8. LOL!
    We should be proud of our self restraint Amiekbs8! We resisted something that is not in our w/list :yahoo:whoohooo!

    Yeah, Tomato is a hit and miss isnt it?
    One day I see TPFer's bag and they are all so thick, delish leathers that make me lusting for it like there is no tomorrow..Another day, I see this thin, crackly leather that makes me sigh :sad:

    So lets continue our perseverence until we find our PERFECT TOMATO DAY *and no pun intended :p
  9. Nono not this seller, i meant I've been burnt before buying items watermarked with a different username to the actual eBay id.