rouge vif twiggy

  1. This is listed by SoCal on tpf!
  2. NOOOOOOOO... (i was thinking of replacing my hope for an 03 with this lovely bag)
    Oh well. Hopefully SoCal makes a mint on it.
    There was a BIN of 900, but I missed it.
  3. Too beautiful ... I've been wanting this color in a twiggy! I'm in love!:girlsigh:
  4. too bad we missed the 900BIN, obviously this is going to go over it now.

    just as I predicted SoCal :graucho:
    too funny!!!
  5. It's gorgeous!!! Good luck, SoCal!:heart:
  6. why would someone bid if there was BIN of 900? This happened to me a few months back. there was a chocolate work that had a BIN of 850 and a minimum bid of 750. I clicked BIN and someone had just f-ing put a bid on it! (and I hold grudges, I will never forget that person. <--still furious) why in the HELL would you bid on something that has a REASONABLE ACCEPTABLE BIN! *screams at laptop screen*

    I have balenciaga related anger issues guys. I apologize.
  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  8. lol, mocean!
    but i totally feel your pain. i think it's completely idiotic too....sometimes i think the bidder just doesn't want anyone else to get the bag!
  9. on the chocolate work auction... I personally think they were purposely upping the price so that buyers wouldnt think it was possible to get a deal on eBay. but more on conspiracy theories about balenciaga later. not saying this is the case here. good luck socal! beautiful... if i had seen the $900 BIN, I'd have blown my anis fund in a second.

    (note to self: no using blown and anis in the same sentence again.)
    man, I'm weird tonight
  10. ha!
  11. Good luck, SoCal!! Why in the world didn't someone snatch it up for $900? Now I hope it goes way over..hehe.... unless someone here wants it!
  12. Thanks all! Hoping to find her a home with much love!
  13. good luck, SoCal! she's beautiful!!!
  14. ooh I love this! It is one of the bags on my list! I wish I'd seen the BIN, I would have definitely snatched it right up.