Rouge vif twiggy or box

  1. Today, I saw rouge vif mid afternoon and vermillion twiggy at Bal shop in Thailand. Then, i quickly think tht i gotta get one twiggy but in rouge vif color, as vermillion is sort of too orange for me. However, when i opened pdf file from Aloharag, i'm now double minded b/t twiggy or box...:sweatdrop:

    Opinion plsssss...rouge vif twiggy or box???? it's such a pity tht i haven't got both styles, and i realize tht i need one of them nowwww.:wlae:

    One more thinggg...has anyone known tht Sabinesboutique sells authentic B bags? I just wonder why they are so cheap.:confused1:

    For those who have both rouge vif and berry red...which one do u like more? why???:graucho:
  2. I think you should get the Box since it is discountinued!
  3. Yes, Def box!!
  4. I find red gorgeous in the Box style, + you'll have a rare little morsel considering it's discontinued...
  5. I'm going against the grain and saying go for the twiggy. I think the rouge vif would look truly stunning in this style. xx
  6. I prefer twiggy over the box. I have both rouge vif and rouge berry and I really like them both. They are totally different colors. If I could afford it I'd keep both bags but since I paid way above retail for the berry, I'm forced to sell my vif. I guess I'm not really a help.
  7. i prefer the twiggy cause the bag does not look big but you can fit so much in it... it is versatile for day and night
  8. Both are gorgeous but I slightly prefer the proportions of the Box :love:
  9. the bigger the better, so i would say twiggy.
    i don't think you should make decisions by whether is already discontinued or not, but by which one you like more :yes:
  10. Another vote for the Twiggy!
  11. I like both styles, but the Twiggy is a bit more versatile. I like the box if I am going to be carrying a bag from day into night. It is big enough to hold all my day gear and is small enough not to overpower. You really can't go wrong with either, especially in red.
  12. I say Twiggy...
  13. I'll say the Box!
  14. i prefer the twiggy over the box, but if you like smaller bags, go for the box.
  15. Twiggy