Rouge Vif Togo Birkin?

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  1. Went to check out the leather swatch for Red Togo, I actually prefer Rouge Vif to Rouge Garrange because I think it's a brighter red.

    Do they still make Rouge Vif Birkin in Togo?

  2. I do not think it is currently available.
  3. Did you check with the store if that color is still available, if not I think Rouge Garrance in clemence comes closest to it.
  4. not available at the moment only in fjord
  5. Thanks lilach for the confirmation. In Fjord, the colour has more pink undertones no?
  6. yes a wonderful raspberry red shade -love it
  7. Thank you ladies, guess I can rule out Rouge Vif in Togo Birkin now.
  8. SOrry! :sad: Fjord is very nice option for Rouge Vif.