rouge vif / rouge theatre city - retail price?

  1. I know, I have NO business even looking at these because I'm on a serious ban. :crybaby:But I can't help myself!

    I've been perusing the auctions for rouge theatre and rouge vif City bags on eBay. I noticed that several different sellers are claiming that retail price on these is $1680. Can this be right? As far as I know, the City is $1195 max (except for special editions like the pony hair). What am I missing?
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    I may be completely wrong, but the retail is $1195. Awhile back US weekly had posted up a super high retail price for the city and my hunch is that these people took the retail price from there?

    But I'm such a bal newb so I'm sure someone else will either correct me or possibly say my hunch may be along the right lines??
  3. Here in England the city is £735 (about $1400) so maybe they live in the uk:shrugs:
  4. The city is $1195 & not $1680. :yes:
  5. Maybe it's in canadian dollars or converted from Euros or GBP. Because I think it's more expensive in those countries, but the retail is only $1195. Although I saw some posts that said they might go up by $100, or maybe that's just the giant collection...
  6. the retail price is $1195 in foreign countries it's slightly higher but when a bag shows up on ebay from previous seasons the demand goes way up, which people are willing to pay over retail for their dream bag
  7. :yes: I understand about why people pay more than retail (I've done it myself), but these sellers are specifically claiming that retail is $1680. Weird! I wondered if it was maybe Canadian or Australian $, but they are US-based auctions. I guess it's just BS, like so much of eBay...
  8. Thank you jadecee! :flowers: tPF is such an amazing informational source!