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  1. Oh god... if I don't already own one, this will be mine!
  2. What a gorgeous bag. Oh Powder, I can't believe you're letting her go. It must make you just a bit sad, right?

    It's so lovely.
  3. Oh no! How can you let this one go?!? It's my very favourite!
  4. :crybaby: Now you make me feel bad for deserting her. I love this bag, BUT I know that I am not going to carry it a lot. The ONLY reason I am willling to part with her is my Mom has the rouge and I know she isn't going to carry red a lot and I can borrow it anytime I want. There are so many colors that I want to get and my closet is seriously filled to capacity and my guest room closet is getting full too. Not just purses, clothes, shoes, etc. and I wear about half of them. Sooner or later, as much as I hate it, I need to part with some of them. I figured better to sell it now while it's new and unused than to sell it later used.
    Don't worry, I may end up keeping it. I had to relist and eBay is so slow now, who knows? I change my mind on a moments notice. I was going to sell my NIB LV MC Wallet. Decided to keep it, ended the auction. Changed my mind, relisted and sold it tonight and bought a Chanel wallet. :rolleyes:
  5. *sigh* so pretty. even though i have one, i love looking at the same color in different leather variations. this one is gorgeous! good luck on your sale!!
  6. wow... good luck with the sale:smile:
  7. YOu don't have a new ink city that you are planning to sell, do you? :graucho:
  8. All these gorgeous rouge cities are torturing me.
  9. it is soooo gorgeous:heart::heart::heart: im in loove!
  10. GORGEOUS Rouge Vif City!! :nuts: