Rouge VIF red city bag...anywhere in stock now?

  1. Hiii...does anyone know where they have them in stock now ready to buy?

    My CC is ready, just prefer it to be anywhere but NM since I dont have a NM charge or Amex (and I have too many charge cards already so Id prefer not to open another dept store one).

    I am on the waitlist at Balenciaga but it seems like a unsure wait, they dunno when they will get to that part of the list.


  2. Try AlohaRag, I just bought one a few days ago, now just waiting for it (quite impatiently) to arrive :smile:
  3. You can always buy giftcards on-line with NM and use any credit card, and then use those to pay for your City! I know that my SA, Lisa, has a Rouge VIF City now- (248) 635-8442. HTH!!!

  4. wow thats actually an awesome idea...i should buy a few NM giftcards to keep handy incase I find something at the stores next time =P

    btw--thanks for the tips people, i just placed an order with Aloharag cos they got in a shipment of red citys today when i called WOOT :yahoo: