Rouge Vif Purse has arrived, and pic of my other Bbags

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  1. Just received my rouge vif purse, I love it. Here are the pictures. Sorry for the light, I will take some more during the day time, which will have a better show.

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  2. And my little collection

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  3. I really love your collection.
    It's very well rounded and I just love your BI day..I'll have to make a day/hobo my next purchase.
  4. nice collection! very well rounded styles and colors. i love the color rouge vif. i have it in the city size. the leather is sooo soft and smooshy.
  5. Beautiful!!! I love the lilac too. :yahoo:
  6. Very nice collection. Your rouge purse is simply TDF. Keep working on extending the family.:graucho:

    (I'm such an instigator!!!)
  7. Very nice collection:yes: . What color is your city??? Marron???
  8. I love your bags and they look awesome on you!!! Is your Lilac Work new? I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I love purses soooooo much! Yours is gorgeous!
  10. Lovely collection!
  11. Great bags and colors! CONGRATS!
  12. i like your collection!
  13. Very nice collection. especially love your rouge purse.:drool:
  14. OMG i love your lilac work :drool: :drool: :drool:
    your rouge vif purse is amazing too~~~
    and last but not least BI Day ~~~~ :tender: love your collection :tender:
  15. WOW!!! your collection is really gorgeous!:nuts:
    The Rouge is so HOTTTTTTTTT :drool:
    Thanks for sharing.