Rouge Vif + Pomme D'Amour = Perfect Match!

  1. Identical colors!! I just cant get over how amazing they look together!!

  2. :drool:

    Oh my Lord!!! That is one sight for these very tired eyes!
    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love it when different designer brands can "intergrate" smoothly!
  3. Reminder: I need a pomme agenda!
  4. I stared at that picture for about 30 minutes.... just beautiful.
  5. omg wow wow
  6. Oh wow that looks truely amazing!!!! I love how they work soooo well together!
  7. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  8. looks really lovely, but for some reason the bag and the wallets look more magenta to me than like rouge vif!!! love it anyway though, and i never thought i would say that about LV. :O
  9. Those look great together! I used to have a Rouge Vif Twiggy and it matched my red Epi checkbook and key chain identical as well. That's a really nice combo.:tup:
  10. Wow - that looks like magenta! Gorgeous combo!!!!
  11. Great match! They look framboise to me but it may be my monitor calibration or something! Congrats!
  12. They look magenta/framboise to me as well. BUT....OMG.....Beautiful!!!!! I bet there will be others scrambling to follow your example!
  13. OH LORDY LORD....!!!!! :nuts:
  14. wow! what a beautiful sight
  15. Oh no, Oh no!! I have those EXACT pomme accessories..... now I'm really feeling the NEED for a bag in the Rouge VIF....:nuts:
    You've created a Monster!! gotta find one.... gotta find one...gotta find......