Rouge VIF photo thread

  1. I thought it would be fun to see all of the beautiful Rouge Vif bags in one place! :heart: So let's see those clutches, hobos, and classiques too! I'll start: here's my city!


  2. Here's my Twiggy! The most fabulous leather if I do say so myself!
  3. rouge vif weekender![​IMG]
  4. :heart: Here is mine:heart: :Rouge Vif City
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  5. Here's my Rouge Vif Work ..... bought just now :yahoo: :yahoo: :tender:
  6. whooo-hoooo!
    I get to post pictures AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. the work and the weekender
    Rouge VIF 3 002.jpg Rouge VIF weekender 000.jpg
  8. Here's my rouge vif clutch!
  9. All the styles look really hot in this delicious shade of red. Here's my Rouge Vif Purse:

  10. I love this thread, fun to see all the different styles in the same color!

    I know there's been several posts before me of the same style, but here's my rouge vif city:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. Okay here's mine as seen already--the Work and the City--I went a little nuts with the Rouge VIF, but I really love the color!:love:
    CIMG0753.jpg CIMG0842.jpg
  12. Here is the day/hobo:
  13. tabbyco your rouge vif hobo is hot!! Aww and your dog is soooo cute!
  14. OH NO! I need to see the pictures!!! Can someone help her? I don't know how to explain how to resize!
  15. OMG, all of these rouge VIF photos are making me crazy!!! :nuts::sos::nuts::sos: