Rouge VIF Ostrich Bolide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I cannot believe this is still at my NM, but it is! And it is so gorgeous!!! For anyone interested, it is $11,200 and so so so beautiful! Call Lisa Hamlin if you want take her home (248) 635-8442!:nuts:
  2. I was just dreaming about an ostrich bolide Jag! What size is this?
  3. You're funny! Call the store already! You know you want it!! :love:
  4. I believe it is a 31 cm. It is just incredible in real life. Seriously, there is really not much that holds a candle to this bag! Call Lisa if you have any questions at all- she is so helpful! And I know she will be happy to send you more pics and information if you like!!! Tell her Jill sent you!
  5. I was just talking about this bag two days ago on the forum
  6. I just want to go and visit it- it is so gorgeous!