rouge vif or rouge theater city?

  1. I'm so torn. I don't know which I like better. Any opinions?
  2. Why'd this get moved to "Achtung!" ? Swankymama? ;)
  3. Rouge Theatre all the way. I love my rouge vif but that Rouge Theatre is just classic
  4. Personally I prefer the rouge theatre color but the rouge vif leather seems amazing. Sorry, that's probably not very helpful.
  5. I also like Rouge Theatre better - it's a nicer red IMHO, an d a bit more wearable.
  6. I just love rouge theater and would love to get my hands on one. The rouge vif looks great as well but it's a little too "daring" for me and would better fit a brunette (I'm blond) but that's just a personal opinion.
  7. rouge theater. i sold my rouge theater twiggy to fund my hermes habit. it's the only bag that I've regret selling. (well, i miss my cognac spy too.):crybaby:
  8. Rouge theatre is more classy
  9. Definitely Rouge Theatre...such a pretty red!
  10. Definitely rouge theatre! I find rouge vif a lil too in-you-face but that's just my opinion. Good luck finding one!
  11. rouge vif all the way!
  12. I had the rouge theatre but I prefer the rouge vif. It's the perfect red!
  13. I think they're both amazing. For me (my coloring) Rouge Vif was more up my alley, I was also looking for a red that matched the bright red (the one Sienna Miller has) from earlier seasons. I think that the rouge vif is a closer match to that dis-continued bright red shade.

    I think the red berry shade of rouge theatre is beautiful too though.
  14. I would rather own the rouge theatre, the rouge vif is beautiful but just "too red" for me
  15. i prefer rouge theatre. it's easier to wear. and i have both.
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