Rouge Vif (oh no she didn't!!!)

  1. OH YES I DID!!!!:nuts::yahoo:

    Introducing Rouge vif Chevre HAC 32 GH

    Quick S'MOM, avert your eyes!!:wtf::heart:
    hac 017_1.jpg
  2. OMG What a killer :smile::heart::drool::drool:
  3. Well this is my first bright bag in my life and I really love it. I wear black, white, creams, denims, alot so this brings a nice pop of color to the mix. I have to get use to it though because it is definitely not under the radar.
    My DH said he absolutely loves it though! He added that for that amount of $$, it should be noticable! hee, hee!
  4. and ...tell us more about your new bag????
    oh you just answered... :smile: when did you get it?
  5. haha very noticable :smile: your DH is right !!! very very PRETTY
  6. It's gorgeous! You look great!!!
  7. ^^Thanks M. No slow striptease for this one. She just jumps right out of the cake!
  8. That is so hot! I don't think I've ever seen an HAC look that hot! Congratsss!!!!!!! :nuts:
  9. Here is a better shot of the bag
    1cdc pucci_1.jpg
  10. [​IMG]
  11. RC: it is soo beautiful, LOVELOVELOVE the color&the leather, I'm absolutely:drool: AND green of envy ;)
  12. Gorgeous!!! You look GREAT!

  13. rockerchic!

    You are killing me!!! How did you find your so bag so quickly?!!?!

    Ok, I definitely need to get on to fulfilling my rouge vif chevre mission.

  14. I love it, and I'm so happy that your DH does as well!!

    It looks so, so good on you, especially against the black outfit. You rock that bag!!

    Many congrats...
  15. Wow, RC, that's one bag that says 'look at me!!'. Absolutely perfect, can't wait to see it irl. Congratulations, you look hot, as usual. Tell Mr Rocker that he is one lucky guy!