Rouge Vif Makeup Clutch?

  1. Does anyone know if they made the makeup clutch or shoulder in the new rouge vif colour? I called some stores in London and they don't seem to have them :crybaby: Anyone seen any? If you know where they have some please let me know! TIA!
  2. I haven't seen it in the make-up or clutch!!!:crybaby: I've only seen it in the coin purse! I would love to see the rouge vif in those styles too!!!:yes:
  3. I just got one from Harvey Nichols.. very very cute.
  4. I just saw the makeup clutch in rouge vif today at balenciaga singapore so it definitely exists! I'm thinking of getting it in fact! It's S$799.
  5. would love to see some pics!!! i love the color!!
  6. Ooooh do you have a pic of it please?:love:
  7. Wow, $800.00 - for that much i'd just purchase the classique or the city bag!
  8. I just got back and I bought the makeup clutch!!:love: They still had a few left if anyone is interested in Harvey Nichols London ;) It was £255 so not too bad. I'll post pics later:heart:
  9. perc----I really want one! Please post pics so I can drool! :love:
  10. Here are the pics Hatikuh!:graucho:
    clutch1.jpg clucth2.jpg clucth3.jpg
  11. Ohhhhhh YUM!!!!!!!! *drools* LOVE that clutch!!!! And perc, you look amazing, girl!!!!!!! Love your shoes too, who are they by (and are they new? I really need those now lol!)?
  12. LOL yes they're new too!! Thanx Hatikuh! The shoes are from Marc Jacobs, I actually bought the clutch just for these shoes!! Crazy isn't it?
  13. OMG lol great minds think alike! It's not crazy at all!!! OK now you set me off on a hunt for those red MJs :love: :biggrin:
  14. LOL!!:P Good luck on the hunt hatikuh! And yes, great minds do think alike he he!:graucho: :roflmfao:
  15. WOW ...... CONGRATS 'F' :flowers: .... this Rouge Vif clutch is GOOOOORGEOUS, just tdf :nuts: :yahoo: ! Have they also the 'shoulder' in your store maybe :graucho: ? Enjoy your little BEAUTY :love: