Rouge vif makeup bag

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  1. Just wondering if anyone thinks this would still be availble in the store in New York. I am from Toronto and think that I seen it at Holts last week. I have to call tomorrow to find out the price of it. My husband is in NY right now so I was thinking of calling the store in NY tomorrrow to see if they have it there. I heard Holts jacks up the price so I was thinking it might be cheapier in NY. Any opinions?
  2. I think your reasoning is flawless ... and I think your hubby ought to be there tomorrow morning when they open just in case ... after seeing those gorgeous pics of the grey city w/the rouge makeup, there might be a run on them! ;)
  3. Awwwhhh! I called and they are all sold out!!! I called holts this morning she said they bag I seen is the same size as the make-up bag but it has a wristlet. It is an extra $395????? How do they rationalize that?
  4. ^^^I never understood that myself!
  5. If I'm not mistaken, the one with the wristlet is the clutch, and it's quite a bit bigger than the makeup. The makeup (pictured in my thread here is about 5.5" x 8". The clutch with the wristlet is about 8" x 11". I don't think the clutch would fit as nicely in a City.
  6. They don't make the 8X11 wristlet/clutch anymore. The more expensive "makeup" she's talking about, and is currently available, is the shoulder. It's the same size as the makeup except it has piping, a mirror, and a thin shoulder strap ( or you can detach one side and turn it into a wristlet). I think it's a great little bag, but I agree it's not worth 400 more IMO. They have the larger Oval clutch, but it has a snap enclosure. I wish they'd bring the 8X11 zipped one back since I really need one and was more practical if you need a larger wristlet.
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