rouge vif leather?

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  1. now that there's a talk about leather being thick and thin i really want to know if the rouge vif leather is thick or thin? my bf surprised me with a rouge vif first but i have nothing to compare it with, so those who have rouge vif's, is the leather thick or thin, how do u determine it?

    thanks so much!!:yes:
  2. i have a rouge vif work. mine is thick. i got mine back in july and the leather has gotten even better. from what i've seen the leather on the rouge vif has been impeccable. congrats on yours! your BF is a keeper!
  3. i have the city in rouge vif and it is suuuuuper thick and soft. the smooshiest bag ever.
  4. The leather on my rouge vif is wonderful :yahoo:
  5. really? that's so weird, i find mines more thin and wrinkly.
  6. The leather can still vary quite a lot between bags of the same color/season... Not all RV bags will have the same leather quality...
  7. My rouge vif leather is stunning. Not as good as my 2001 le dix (but then again what is?!) - but better than my s/s '06 nero city.
  8. mine is medium - it is smooth and smooshy, but relatively thin