Rouge VIF Inventory...

  1. I just love Rouge VIF. :heart: Is this color still out any style, but preferably Purse, City, or Work? Has anyone seen any authorized retailer that still has one lying around? Can you please PM me if you have? TIA! :smile:
  2. I've seen a few on eBay, I have not seen any at stores for a long time. I believe that if you do that it is a fluke. Vermillion can be found, but it is a different shade of red. Wait for the experts to weigh in...
  3. Thanks Shasta! I figured as much... :sad:
  4. I don't think there are any just lying around in stores, any more. I was able to buy a Rouge Vif mini-compagnon from another TPfer through eBay - it's glorious. The color is very different, though, from Vermillion - and Vermillion is another incredible, incredible shade.

    Rouge Vif doesn't photograph precisely and some ebayers don't know what shade red they have. We took photos of my wallet under all kinds of different light and it always looks really different than it does in real life - it's a much richer shade, like a deep lipstick red with strawberry color in it, not the lipstick red that has some coral undertones (I love both shades).

    There is at least one authentic-seeming (I'm no expert) Rouge Vif bag up on eBay right now - but I can't remember the style of it. Think it's a City.

    Good luck. If you really want one, I'm sure you can find one with luck and the hunting instincts of a lioness.
  5. :yes: You're too cute! Thanks Melisandre!
  6. You might want to try calling around to the various stores on the "authorized retailers" list ... you never know, maybe someone still has one (heck, I got an '05 Apple Green First about 1.5 years after it first came out!).

    I originally had the Rouge Vif First (sold it), but managed to find the City in Italy. I LOVE Red, so I also have the Rouge Vif Compagnon and Coin Purse. Below is a picture of my Compagnon, Coin Purse and First (when I still had it):

  7. Your Rouge VIF stuff is gorgeous!!! I started to call around, and nothing. Most have tried to sell me the Vermillion instead, but I had a Vermillion City and thought I loved it...until I saw the Rouge VIF in person! :nuts:
  8. i prefer the VIF over the vermillion as well. hope you find that perfect bag!
  9. Rouge Vif is a gorgeous color. I wish I have bought it when it was still in the store.
  10. Ah, but this is the fun of Balenciaga! I'm going to try and get some good pictures of my one and only Rouge Vif object - a mini-compagnon. It's sitting here in regular indoor light, twilight time, not all the lights on - and it looks much darker and richer than you usually see in the photos.

    Apple red comes to mind, actually - like the apples in Snow White, though, not the actual kind seen in grocery stores. Roma apples maybe. But my DH says that's wrong, that it's Ruby Red. When I googled "ruby red" with google image, it seems indeed, that as we sit here - in our slightly underlit home - it does indeed look ruby.

    Now, if I can only get the digital camera to see it the way I do.
  11. I have a super-accurate picture of my Rouge Vif City. This is the EXACT colour from the 2nd production run, in about late August of last year:
  12. I too prefer Vif over Vermillion.

  13. I love it!
  14. I just HAVE to get my grubby little paws on one!!!
  15. Don't give up. Keep trying. I love the whole game of hunting for a bag. It's part of the fun!:p

    Oh, I guess men feel the same way too about chasing another (man or woman).