Rouge Vif In The House!!!!

  1. Here she is!!!:

  2. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: OMG, congrats!!! This color gets more amazing each time I see it. I'm Soooo Jealous! :wtf:
  3. Please excuse the messy bedroom. We're in the process of moving and it isn't pretty! haha
    Here's me with the rouge vif! (sorry the lighting isn't better!)
  4. OMG Beaux! That bag is TDF!:love: :love: and it looks so gorgeous on you!! Congrats!!!!!
  5. What store did you order it from again? I just called Barney's Seattle and had a super annoying conversation with this woman who insisted that the fire engine red was from "last season" and is already sold out!
  6. beaux... that's a HOT bag, and u look HOT there.
    major congratulations ! :yahoo:
  7. Thanks ladies! - i'm SO EMBARRASSED about the state of our room - but i'm sure everyone knows what it's like to move! It's really such a beautiful red. It's exactly the color I hoped that it would be. I'm kinda in shock right now...
  8. ^^I ordered it last month from NM. I thought i'd have better luck there than BNY.
  9. YOU are adorable and that bag is HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!!

    Love my Twiggy but a red City is just too gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! The leather on your bag looks like perfection. ENJOY!!!!!!!

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  10. ^^Aww - thank you! :heart: My SA picked out the leather finish that I wanted. It's much more matte and thick and non-veiny than my other city bag.

    Here's one more:
  11. My rouge theater city is jealous of me saying this, but OMG your new rouge vif city is shockingly GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely TDF!!!!
  12. I just called BalNY and they are saying that the red cities should be in this week--so hopefully I'll get a "twin" soon!
    Congrats again--I think it really suits you!
  13. ^^YEA AVERY!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: I can't wait for you to get yours too. Between our early black classiques, our black city, and soon to be Rouge Vif City bags - we're like long lost b-bag sisters!!! (great minds!!!!.......)
  14. OMG beaux . . . I only see YOUR new Rouge Vif (not the bedroom!) :nuts: ! It's just TDF ..... ohh I love this color so much :yahoo: ! ENJOY it . . . and thank you so much for sharing :flowers: :love:
  15. I know! (Now all I need is that damn flat brass....:P )
    I wasn't sure about ordering from BalNY but once I saw photos of everyone's gorgeous bags I knew I had to have one--the leather looks amazing!