Rouge Vif First - something HORRIBLE just happened!!!!

  1. Re. my really happy thread earlier about the rouge vif in the sale - my lovely SA doubled checked and told me that although it appeared on the stock lists and in the datafiles, the bag has GONE MISSING!!!! :crybaby:Either somebody didn't check the stock room properly or the files are showing outdated info.


    She did say she'd 'tear the stock room apart' when she goes in herself next Wednesday, but at the same time I have a feeling that if something is too good to be true, then it probably isn't...

    BUT just want to say *thank you so much* to all you girlies for sharing my joy earlier on - you guys are the best! THANKS A BUNCH! :heart::shame:
  2. AWWW!!! That is awful!
    we can cry together ... I got outbid on an 05 rouge Twiggy just now :crybaby:
  3. aww thanks for the sympathy! And yes - nothing can beat us girls here at tPF :biggrin:
  4. :crybaby: i'm very sorry this has happened. *hugs*
  5. Shes gonna tear it apart on WEDNESDAY? She's gonna wait 6 days? I would find a new SA.
  6. Aww sorry to hear that! Hope she finds it you never know. Fingers crossed!:yes:
  7. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear'll find one at a good price soon, I'm sure! :yes:
  8. I am so sorry :sad: I hope you find another perfect rouge vif soon.
  9. Julie, don't cry... here's one on eBay :yes: :yes: :yes:

    eBay: Auth Balenciaga Rouge Red VIF 2006 NWT aloharag medium (item 160073129138 end time Jan-18-07 11:11:27 PST)
  10. Aw...I'm sure it will work out. SImilar thing happened to me. I was getting an Ink Weekender but now I'm getting a Vermillion Weekender instead.
  11. THANKS everyone for the support! I've been looking on eBay for replacements and there are definitely a couple which caught my eyes :smile: