Rouge Vif First or City? Can't decide!!!!!

  1. please help me decideeeee....

    Its been a week now and i cant seem to decide which one i want!

    Help needed!!:hysteric:
  2. How much stuff do you carry daily? What size bag are you currently carrying?
  3. hmm.. i usually carry alot of stuff - but not that much! as for size - it varies!!
  4. You can fit so much more into a city bag than a first.

    The first style can hold all the essentials: wallet, checkbook, make-up, cell phone, etc. I even squeeze in a big 'ol chanel sunglasses case...but then it's totally full. No room for my umbrella or a magazine.

    In the city you can carry all that and a sweater or shoes even!
  5. Definitely go for the city....with all the extra stuff we care around on a daily basis...I think the city will definitely suit you more! Good luck and let us know what you decide on !
  6. but do you think I can take a rouge vif city for a night out! Wont it look maybe too casual.
  7. I would go for the city. The first is great for a night out but too little for the day.
  8. City all the way!

  9. i think with only small difference in price, you should get the bigger bag first. i vote for a CITY, you can get a first for your second b-bag.
  10. ditto ^^ :tender:
  11. Agree with Sea and Aaa :yes:

    I would go for a City:love: ...

    but as Beauxgoris I'm partial;)
  12. The first is better for going out at night, concerts or clubs- I always take my first. The city is a better day bag.
  13. I think the City is the best choice for your daily bag. The First is cute, too, but it only holds the essentials--good for going out at night and quick errands. I think the City is more practical. It's the perfect 1st Bbag size, i think.:yes:
  14. ^^I totally agree.
  15. me too (go for the city) ^^ :tender:
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