Rouge VIF first or Camel first?

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  1. Hello everyone,
    i have an opportunity to get one of those bags 40% off.

    which one do you think is worth it?

    i have a dark brown and blueberry bbags thats why i'm thinking rouge vif, on the other hand the camel sounds like a great neutral colour.

    i have'nt seen the rouge vif irl yet.

    thanks everyone :smile:
  2. They are both gorgeous. It depends if you want *look me rouge* or the equally as beautiful butterscotch colored caramel. At 40% I would get both.:graucho:
  3. rouge vif and WOW what a deal !!!:nuts:
  4. powerpuff100 - i'd love to get both!!! but i can't :p

    myriamrees - I KNOW i'm so excited :yahoo:

  5. a hearty second to this! personally, i'd go for the rouge vif, but i'm a black-or-red-and-no-inbetween kinda gal ;)
  6. Rouge Vif!
  7. I think the first style is exceptionally gorgeous in the rouge vif color!
  8. Rouge VIF!
  9. wow that was fast, you guys are the best!!
    ok, so i'm leaning more and more towards the Rouge Vif!
    but for those who already have a rouge vif bbag, what do you wear it with?
  10. I have the rouge and its lush!
  11. Thanks everyone :smile:
  12. :heart:rouge VIF:heart:
  13. any colour!
    Especially great with jeans, black, white, green, brown..... ;)
  14. Get both :graucho:
  15. ^i wish!!