Rouge Vif First in the SALE and now on it's way to moi! :D

  1. CanNOT believe my luck when my SA from Matches rang this morning and told me she found a red first in the sale!!! Reduced to £348 (around $625)!!!
    She said she'd double check that it's nooneelse's (cos even she couldn't believe how a rouge vif could stay in the shops for this long) and it should be on it's way to me this afternoon!!!! :love::heart::love::heart::yahoo:
  2. Whow lucky you this is an amazing price, congrats to such a great deal!
  3. Wow, that's fantastic! Hope you get it.
  4. That's amazing, congratulations!
  5. Yay Congrats!! Great deal!!
  6. what a great deal on such a beautiful color!!! congrats!!!!!!!!
  7. Awesome deal! :biggrin:
  8. wow. lucky you! Congrats
  9. Congrats!!! Great price for rouge vif:party:
  10. Congrats!! I love the red!!
  11. THANKS EVERYONE I'M SO SO SO EXCITED!! :heart::heart::yahoo:

    I love tPF and all you girlies! :smile:
  12. Fantastic! Congratulations. :yes:

    Can't wait to see pictures.
  13. congrats!
  14. Congrats on such a gorgous bag, I know it retails for 650 UK pounds in England and sold out.
    I'm sure you'll love it
  15. Excellent scoop ... CONGRATS!!