rouge vif.. did i pick the right color?

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  1. Or should i have gotten the greige instead? I like both but i gotta have only one for now. What do you ladies think?
  2. bettiney... i think you made the right choice!
    rouge vif is such a pretty colour! it'll brighten up you day anytime :P
  3. Rouge vif is a gorgeous colour! Don't have any regrets!!!
  4. ditto I :heart: my RV!
  5. Honestly I think you did the right thing! The Rouge Vif is such a great and versatile colour!


    I wish you well,

  6. You really can't go wrong with Rouge Vif - enjoy!:yes:
  7. Definitely rouge vif! :yes:
  8. rouge vif, it goes with everything, it is perfect when you don't want to make any efforts on what to put with what because it instantly brightens any outfit. It's a great color and a great chance, for those who usually stick to neutrals or black, to make a statement without feeling they are playing to hard (a few PFers experienced that)
  9. I love my rougey vif!! It's a great bag for this holiday.
  10. It is beautiful color~~Love Rouge VIF
  11. I get compliments every time with the rouge vif - but more importantly, I love it!
  12. what did u get, bettiney??

    the city???
  13. I looove Rouge Vif! It's a gorgeous color!:heart:
  14. Yes, I got the city. I was choosing between the rouge vif and greige city. The rouge vif was jsut so attractive next to the greige. But when I got home, the color just seemed so.. wild and hot! I started wondering if it's me.

    Anyway, I guess I'll stick to red. Hmm.. Will it look good with brown? I have a lot of browns in my closet.

    Thanks a lot to you ladies I'm keeping my rouge vif!:yahoo:
  15. Congrats!

    It really is a wonderful color. I think it goes best with dark blues, beige, camel, gray, off white and black for shure I don't like it with the darker browns so much but that's me.
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