Rouge Vif City

  1. Just wanted to let all the ladies who are searching for a rouge vif city, that the NM in Short Hills had 2 gorgeous rouge vif cities as of 11:00am today. Good Luck!
  2. Go, People!!! :yahoo:
  3. Ask for the SA Alicia if she's around ... she's wonderful!
  4. Go! Go! Go!
  5. Did you ask them when they are getting in the Blue India, BTW?
  6. Wow that's great! I hope some PF ladies scoop these up since BNY isn't getting theirs for a few more weeks!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Go go go go!!!
  7. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ... I'm going to be down that way Labor Day weekend (husband's family obligation).

    I can't wait to the the Rouge Vif Large Padded bag!!!
  8. You're referring to Balenciaga-New York, right ... not Barneys New York??? Barneys isn't getting the Rouge Vif in any other style ... only the First.
  9. i JUST made the phone call and they're gonna call me back in 30min-1hr since SAs are on their lunch break and don't know if the bags are on hold.. :cry:
  10. Good luck, I hope you get it.

    I am on the waiting list for a rouge vif city at Balenciaga NY, it's hard but I am going to wait it out.
  11. thanks! i am on the waitlist at balny too.. but it's so hard. i'm running super low on patience :sad:
  12. The main advantage w/BalNY is that you can perhaps get your SA to pick out a bag that meets your specs. The main disadvantage is their "store credit only" (and short time frame--10 days?) return policy. Neiman's return policy is much much better ... there is NO time limit as long as the bag is still in new unused condition - and you can get a full refund.

    Of course, as a reminder - you can only pay with American Express or your Neiman's card at Neiman Marcus. I set up my Neiman's card over the phone with Alicia, so that was no was a little inconvenient because I had to fax my info & signature to her, but it was worth it to me.
  13. I don't believe it ... Alicia just called me and told me that they had 3 Rouge Vif Cities and she was holding one for me because she knew I had expressed interest in the color/style at one point. That's what I mean - she is a great SA! I had pretty much decided to pass on this opportunity until she called. I went ahead and told her to send it to me. She also mentioned that they had a Rouge Vif billfold (not sure what model) and did I want that? I decided NOT to go for that, though. ;)

    I asked her about the Blue India and she says they still haven't seen that one. I feel confident she will let me know as soon as they do, though!!! I previously sent her the photo of the Part Time from Balenciaga's website, just so she would be aware that it is a different color from Blueberry.
  14. ^^^*nodds*.. i'm currently waiting for her to get back to me on my credit card app and also news on rouge vif city. i'm glad you decided to get it =) and i can't wait to get mine!!!
  15. AWWW, I would soo call if I wasnt already on the waitlist at NM. I never had the chance to pick out my very own color and leather varience... so Im very excited to finally do that for the first time.

    ehehehe... Im always on the waiting list... so they just send whichever one they have to me....

    ugh I cant wait for it to arrive already!