Rouge VIF City... Where still has it?

  1. Does anyone know where I can find a rouge vif city still? :flowers:
  2. Call NM in Paramus, I returned one there on Wed.
  3. I'm not sure...but I would ask for additional photos just to make sure the seller has the bag.
    But based on the photos provided its definitely authentic.
  4. NM at Fashion Valley in San Diego had one today.
  5. i think aloha rag still has them...and tax and shipping is free!
  6. Hi,

    I am the seller and also a memer of this forum. It is in perfect condition. I am only selling it because I already have this color. I was on 2 wait lists and received the one from NM 1st which I used before receiving the one from Bal NY.
    I hope someone from this forum takes advantage of this buy now with no shipping. I have alot of watchers but many buyers on the outside bid and then fail to follow through. I would love to sell to a member of this forum.

    If you post your own auction again, we'll have to ban you. Please DO NOT promote your own aurctions here.
  7. ^^ it's stunning & the leather is TDF :love:
  8. Sorry someone asked who was listing it and if they were a PFer. I didn't realize this rule. Won't do it again.
  9. it's okay to say "it's me" but you've linked your own auctions as least 3 times now, we don't allow that at all.
  10. I was at the Denver Neiman Marcus yesterday and saw a few rouge bbags but don't recall if they had the City still in stock. They also had a few other colors in various sizes if anyone's interested. Although, the SA that followed me around didn't know that much about Balenciaga (but she was very willing to assist!). Hope that helps! :jammin:
  11. you are right about the SA knows nothing about balenciaga.... either colors or style...
    it makes it super hard to communicate with them.
    they had rogue vif city about a month ago, but its prob gone by now.

  12. aloharag still have rouge city/ box/ twiggy/ weekender/ first in stock!

    Cultstates has rouge first and twiggy in stock.