Rouge VIF City - Seller lvlady!

  1. I have. I bought a coin purse from her. She is one of the sellers that I trust. I don't think she is selling from her personal collection. I am not sure about the price where you live but this is above retail and I think you can still find these bags in stores. That one she has does look really pretty. If you can't find one locally, I would definately buy from her and she usually will take less than the price she has on there so you can make her an offer.

    I see she has an offer. Is that you?
  2. I've put in an offer of USD$1200 and they retail for $1995, so if I get it for a measley $5 more I will be wrapped!

    How is she with shipping? Did you get your bag through Customs ok?
  3. You mean they retail for $5 under what you offered?

    Yes, no problems at all with the shipping. Nicely packaged in a B-box. But I just bought a coin purse. Good luck. I really think that one is beautiful.
  4. Oh My God

    I Just Wont It!!
  5. Oh congrats fashion-cult. I have read on this forum that sometimes she just refuse any offer...she must be feeling generous today :graucho:

    Beautiful rouge vif!!!:party:
  6. Hey sorry, yes I mean they retail for $5 less at Aloha Rag... but in Australia they charge like $1900 - $2600!! So I'm wrapped!

    Sorry I think I was in a happy panic state when I posted that comment...

    Hehehehe I'm sooooooo excited!
  7. Congrats fashion-cult!!

    I notice she usually takes offer that are $100 less of her BIN price.

  8. Yeah I saw that too - so I gave it a shot... and whaddya know!
  9. Really!!!! Hmmm I was totally convince that she doesn't take much less. I am going to have a better look at her listings from now so I can get one of her "gems". :yes:
  10. Beautiful bag....congrats:happydance: ...that LVLADY is's like she manufactures these bags as everyday she has several new listings!! I guess really then it is great for us!:drinks:
  11. Yeah, I noticed that shes always putting stuff on daily...

    I think she sells for others, or perhaps buys and sells?

    Whatever the case, I'm one happy girlie!
  12. congrats fashion cult. i think she might be a consignment seller :smile:
  13. I've since read on this forum that apparently a friend of hers owns a shop that buys/ sells second hand/ new designer wares... so she helps out by selling some of them online!
  14. Congrats on your win! It's such a beautiful color !