rouge vif city search

  1. so now that there are no spots left at balenciaga NYC for the rouge vif city ,are there any places have (or will have) a lot of rouge vif city stock to choose from? i usually prefer to get it from the boutique because they can try to accomodate my preferences on colour and leather more... any suggestions?
  2. Pinkpirate - I would still try to contact the Bal NY store to see if they are willing to accept people on the waitlist. No hurt in trying, right? :smile:
    If are definitely no more places left, then I would call different Neiman Marcus and Saks stores (apparently, some NM locations - can't remember which offhand - didn't order the city style). Good luck!
  3. i think i recall with beaux's red city... she got one of the last ones, no?
    and that was from Neiman Marcus.
    i hope one of those 30 ppl cancel their red city order at bal ny though!
    thanks :smile:
  4. ^^^ i do believe you can still get on the waitlist just in case someone cancels her order. altho it's not guaranteed but it's still worth a try. goodluck :yes:
  5. Yup, all of the Rouge Vif City bags that came to my NM store were all PRE-SOLD! That being said, I told my SA EXACTLY what I wanted and that's what I got.
    If I were you I would go to NM's webpage with all of their stores phone numbers - go down the list and put your name (and CC#) on as many as have Rouge Vif City bags coming in. That way you'll get a beautiful one, and can cancel your other orders when your dream bag arrives.

    btw- NM will call you before they charge your card and send the bag - so you won't end up with a ton of these - but you will end up with one!

    p.p.s. - i've also had good luck with NM in Houston, they get pretty good stock there.
  6. thanks so much you guys! the hunt is on... tomorrow morning!
  7. ^^Good Luck PP!

    one more good thing: if for any reason you don't like it (yeah, like that will happen!) - you can just shove in back in the box and return to NM - unlike BNY - where you can only exchange and therefore HAVE to end up with another bag - even if you don't love any of their other colors!

    p.s. keep us updated on your search!
  8. NM Houston doesn't carry Balenciaga.

    Pink, did BalNY actually tell you they won't put you on the list? I'd be surprised as I think typically MANY people pass up their bags. I'd think they'd at least humor you!

    What about Barney's? Does anyone know what/when/if they're getting?
  9. pinkpirate, yes, as the lovely gals here have mentioned, i would try to still get my name on the list at BALNY in the event someone changes their mind and cancels their order. other than that, you can still try to locate your desired bag in some of the dept stores (saks, barneys, etc) and specialty boutiques, (kirna zabete, jeffrey's nyc, etc). i'm sure you will be able to find one-good luck!
  10. pinkpirate - definitely try calling Bal NY and ask them to add your name on the list. I called yesterday and was told that the waiting list is not officially closed; also as with all waiting lists (for any kind of bags) there will be a cancellation or two. As for the other boutiques, Kirna Zabete is no longer carrying Balenciaga motorcycle bags this season -- only the non-Motorcycle-style Balenciaga's. Jeffrey had like one Rouge Vif bag to start with and that was gone long, long ago; they may have a sapin green one left but that's about it...this is also the last season that Jeffrey's is carrying Balenciaga motorcycle bags (they'll continue to stock the non-Motorcycle-styles but my SA told me they're trying to move on to something new). Anyway, I hope you find your dream bag as this Rouge Vif color is TDF!
  11. hey everyone! thank you all SO MUCH for the support and feedback!

    GOOOOOD NEWS EVERYONE! it seems just whisper may have been misinformed? i called my SA and she told me they are getting EIGHTY of them, not thirty... and i'm about number thirty. (i thought thirty sounded a bit too small for an order...)

    foxy, wow i'm surprised kirna isnt' carrying the moto bags anymore! i guess the other boutiques are kinda catching on that the demand for them isn't as CRAZY as it was a couple years ago... but hey i still love 'em!
  12. 80 of them, yayy!!! This is very good news for you. The color rouge vif is lovely! You will definitely get one now. congrats!!!
  13. ^^Good to know. I found YSL bags there (and they had a good selection) - so I just figured that they'd have b-bags.:P
  14. pinkpirate: yay!!! i'm glad theres 80 of them instead of 30 :yes: sorry that I gave the wrong info and made you worry a bit there :Push:
  15. Yay!!! That's great new, Pinkpirate!!! Woohoo!:yahoo: So glad to hear that you're definitely getting a Rouge Vif City, too! :wlae: Did your SA happen to mention when they might be getting them in?:graucho: I'm going crrrrrraaaazzzyyyy with impatience!:P