Rouge Vif City: is here!

  1. Hi ladies, as promised here are some pics of my new rouge vif city...
    The leather is amazing, soft and not veiny at all...

    I :heart: :heart: :heart: this bag ,my bank account :crybaby: :crybaby: ................ but i'm happy:yahoo: :yahoo:
    Rouge VIf 001.jpg Rouge VIf 004.jpg Rouge VIf 006.jpg Rouge VIf 002.jpg
  2. WOOOWWWWWWWW l_b . . . GOOOOOORGEOUS :nuts: :yahoo: OMG it looks AMAZING on you !!! CONGRATS sweety .... enjoy it :flowers: :love: - thanks for posting :heart:
  3. :love: 0o0o0o so dreamy! congrats!!!
  4. That is one gorgeus bag! Wear it proud; you look hot!
  5. Gorgeous!
  6. OMFG!

    *is on the phone to AR right now*
  7. Congrats !!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  8. :nuts:

    i pre-ordered one from lvr today and i'm so happy i did :nuts:
  9. OMG! OMG!!!! It's gorgeous!!!!:love: Loooove it! Congrats, l_b!!!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  10. That color is HOT.
  11. Here is a pic of the bag without all the paper that was inside ...

    It is a perfect colour for summer but....for fall/winter?
    I have never had a rouge bag...
    Rouge VIf 001.jpg
  12. It looks gorgeous! I think it will carry well into Fall/Winter. I can totally picture it with a gorgeous navy coat or a creamy white sweater. Ooooh...there are so many colors that will go with it.
  13. OMG that is TDF, just gorgeous. I think I need a Rouge Vif City now.:yes:

  14. Beautiful!
  15. Its beautiful lb!! Welcome to the rouge vif club :yahoo:
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